What are the Penalties for Grand Larceny in Virginia

There are many kinds of criminal laws which you should know. Many people do not know that committing a small crime can have serious consequences. If you are in Virginia, you should study the law and know the criminal laws and the penalties. Whenever a person commits a crime against you, you should know what to do. Taking help from a criminal lawyer is good. But you should also know the law. One of the crimes that are very common is larceny. Larceny means theft. It is when someone takes something from you without your permission. There are two types of larcenies that a person can commit. There is petty larceny and the grand larceny. Larceny is not simple theft. Grand larceny means when a person steals something from you which has a specific statutory value. The value is different in every state.

Grand larceny in Virginia

The grand larceny in Virginia is when a person takes something which has a value of $200 or more from another person. It is larceny if the person intends to deprive the property permanently. If a person takes something directly from another person whose value is $5 it is also called grand larceny. It is punishable by imprisonment and by a heavy fine.

If you think that someone took something from you, you can file a case against that person. But you should have proof of the crime. In the case of larceny, you must have proof that the person took an item from you. You need proof that the value of the item was more than $5 or $200. You must have a proof that the person took the item without your consent. You must also prove that he intended to deprive you of your property. These are all the things which you require if you want to get justice. Only then the person will face the penalties. You can always take help from a criminal lawyer who can help you with all these. He will help you gather the evidence and prove the larceny against you. It is always handy to take help from a specialist criminal lawyer who understands the laws of Virginia.

Penalties for grand larceny

Do you want to know what the penalties for larceny are? There are several penalties for grand larceny. Every state has a different penalty. The laws in Virginia state that grand larceny is a felony. It is a serious crime. The person who commits grand larceny will pay a fine up to $2500. The person guilty may also go to jail for 20 years. Shoplifting, and receiving stolen property is also larceny. If you sell a stolen property with another person, you will be guilty of larceny. If you have the intention to sell or distribute the items that you steal, you can go to jail for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 20 years. Once you receive a punishment, the state will add it to your criminal record. It will ruin your reputation.